Pool Construction Phases

Layout, Excavation & Forming

The construction process begins with the new design layout based on the specifications that have been chosen for your unique backyard. We then start excavating the backyard area for the size and shape of your pool. Our 3D software contains the appropriate specifications based on the layout selected and your ground measurements.

Steel Work & Plumbing

Next we form the shape of your new pool. We will also construct any walls, stairs etc.. that need forms. Then we install electrical conduit for your water lighting and all the plumbing for water filtration, water circulation and if you ordered floor cleaning per the exact plans for your pool. A steel rebar reinforced grid is installed on center over the layout of the new pool. There also is a bond grid installed and the floor of the pool is arranged.


Continuing with the design, the pool walls, stairs, bench seats, bar stools, sun bench (if chosen) and any other chosen features are arranged and shaped to your new pool design specifications. The gunite is then sprayed over the entire layout and is hand-trim finished.

Masonry & Tile Work

Once we have the smooth surface we can begin to install the tile, coping, water features such as grottos, waterfalls, raised stone beams and outdoor kitchens and other personally selected items. This is the first install step of your personally selected finishes for your new pool.

Deck & Deck Lighting

Stone overlay decking, Concrete overlay decking, or stone decks are started. The new pool deck is formed according to your design plans. We use actual steel reinforcement in our decks, not steel mesh like other companies to ensure your pool deck is durable and has the exact finish you selected. Optional pavers are installed at this point if purchased.


Microfusion's Finest Finish and PebbleTec selections are our standard finishes and offer many years of protection and beauty. Microfusion's Finest Finish is its newest innovation in interior pool finishes. This modern blend uses the smallest sized micro pebble in today's market. The ultra silky smoothness and the ambiance of dancing abalone shell, topped with 5 vibrant colors to choose from, makes this your next interior pool finish. Optional finishes also include glass bead jewels and marble finishes. Click here to see the Microfusion chart.

Finishing Touches

Now comes the exciting part, adding water to your new pool! Once construction is complete we will add landscaping, fencing and other custom products. You can add new patio furniture and accessories to make your backyard stand out and be welcoming for guests. We work with landscape architects to assist you in completing your backyard oasis. These finishing touches are some of the many details that make Stately Pools different than other builders in the Lakeway, Bee Cave, Spicewood, Austin area.

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