Our Design Process

Stately Pools believes a beautiful pool and patio should complement your home. We also believe that your backyard should greatly enhance the comfort you feel and the value you get from owning it. We do this through the process of design, engineering, and construction. It all starts with the initial design process of your pool and how it integrates with your backyard.

If you want a traditional kidney shaped pool, square or rectangle design or unique freeform shape, Stately Pools has the experience and talent to turn the pool, patio and backyard into an exceptional, dignified outdoor living space with interesting features and easy functionality to maintain your beautifully designed space. Our design professionals will work with you and explain in detail your unique situation. We will show you all of our available options during the design process so you'll have the freedom to choose design elements that will enhance your pools allure. There are a lot of options to choose from including decks, terraces, patios, trellises, retaining walls, stairs, outdoor living areas including outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, fireplaces and fire pits, lighting and landscaping to complement your pool design.

Our design professionals will also focus on the integrity of the pool as it fits within your landscape and the performance of your pool equipment. We use the finest in pool equipment and technology and that will get integrated in the overall design of your new pool. You will feel confident everything has been thought of inside and out when the design has been finalized personally for you.

Please click here view our gallery for some examples of past client installations and overall pool designs that you may see in the real world. As the gallery show, the possibilities for options are nearly endless.

The Latest in CAD 3D Pool Design

3D Pool Software

Our Instant 3D design software is unique, We can immediately modify fully-interactive, customized 3D swimming pool presentations. We can construct 3D Swimming Pool Design - draw in 2D, present Instant 3D with print ready-to-build construction plans. We will craft an incredible experience for you in fully-interactive 3D with animation and sound effects: We can show you floating in the swimming pool, listening to the sound of rippling water and watching the clouds drift by. We can also change the time of day and illuminate your design with functioning lights and moonlight playing on the water. And we can make it simple to compare premium materials. We can show you upgrades in realistic 3D detail and reveal changes to you.

We can also show custom furniture, intricate raised areas, unique pergolas and anything you can imagine. The software allows us to show extraordinary precise details of your ideas, in both 2D and 3D. We can also add people, animals, architectural elements, houses, vehicles, furniture, plants, trees and more. We can customize the objects and match to the materials from your own outdoor living designs. The engineering software is powerful and one of the best CAD drawing programs on the market.

Actual Designs Created

Our Design Services Include:

A. Initial Visit

After you contact us we will setup an initial visit to discuss your new pool design and outdoor living space. We will also explain to you the way we work. At the kickoff meeting we discuss all the design related items you are interested in and your tastes, requirements for your new project. After the meeting we will be able to provide you with a quote for at least the first stage of any design work. Please note that an accurate survey of the site area is needed before any design work can take place. The design will show the house, existing features, boundaries, and levels required for prep of the site area.

B. Construction Drawings

The Construction design includes an Initial Construction Drawing together with artist's impressions and supporting 3D visuals to show you how the final area will look. The Drawing acts as a discussion document which will allow us to present our ideas and talk through any changes you may wish to make. The Final Construction Drawing incorporates any additional items discussed with you. This is the plan from which we will cost, set out and build the project.

C. Construction Plan Schedule

We handle our own project scheduling and you can be assured your project will come in on time and on budget barring any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

D. Project Monitoring

We are with you from the project start to the project finish, we do not hand the project off to other people to monitor like our competitors. By doing this we maintain a strict quality control over the project. We also constantly monitor all phases of our project to insure you are satisfied as the project moves along to completion.

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